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1. General inventory of computer equipment.

2. Internal and external cleaning.

3. Standard Maintenance including measures to improve the capacity and performance of the computer.

4. McAfee antivirus configuration 1 year license.

5. Backup on operating conditions.

6. Backup planned automated workstations and network drives.

Product summary:

Our technical support maintenance will be scheduled in no harmful hours for your company, the result improves performance and extends the life span of the computers in your organization, in addition to fully safeguard their information systems.

Price $49.99
Reference Number MAC002

Customer benefits:

- Know the real state of their computer equipment to plan improvements or upgrades.

- Improving and extending the useful life of computer equipment.

- Eliminates the risk of catastrophe in their computer equipment.

- Technical planning information flow in your company.

- Backup systems on operating conditions and information.

- We take care of maintaining your organization's computer systems, reduce costs don't paying a full time expert.

The cost includes the monthly value of preventive and corrective maintenance for a single computer, with minimum two-year contract.

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